The Values, Ethics and Economics research group is formed by researchers, teachers, students, professionals and organizations active in the partnership program among the University of Turin, the Arbor Foundation, Semi Onlus and Movimento Mezzopieno.
The group operates with a scientific approach with the common aim of studying and spreading the dynamics of civic, social and ethical role of the economy in the harmonious development of man and society.
In support of humanitarian and educational projects, the group aims to stimulate and deepen the knowledge of the application of theories and practices that foster collaboration and joint efforts between various disciplines, individuals, communities and cultures.

The team:

Roberto Burlando - scientific coordinator
Luca Streri - executive coordinator
Diego Mariani
Rossella Tisci
Lodovica Appendino
Francesca Calcavecchia

Former members:

Erika Vitale
Gemma Cavaliere
Ilaria Ballari
Roberta Arbinolo
Paola Camisani
Chiara Bertalotto